Casting – Fall Productions

Casting – Fall Productions

GOTA2B-300x300Award winning and nominee performing and visual arts group. GOTA (Group of the Arts) is seeking male and female actors for their two Fall productions, scheduled for October (1st two weeks) and November (2nd and 3rd week) 2015. Both productions are in Spanish and will participate in two festivals in the NYC area. Actors must be fluent in spanish, available for evening rehearsals and for performances. They must also be comfortable working with an ensemble made up by actors of various levels of experience.

We are a group of volunteers who get together to create art. We don’t do it for fame or fortune. We do it because we love being on stage and enjoy the creative process that takes us there. There is NO PAY involved with these projects. However, we have managed to received a fair amount of exposure and coverage from the press in the past. We offer a laid back, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to showcase your talent.

We are looking to cast the following roles.

“Por Mi Madre Que Es Verdad”

A comedy that tells the story of Franklin Peralta; a good hearted man, who was granted various wishes by Jesus, because of his honesty and kindness towards others. The play takes place within a Talk Show setting, with special guests, experts and reenactments of the events. The main topic of the talk show is the devastating effects caused by Peralta by wishing to keep Death on hold.

San Pedro: Strong presence, big personality, bossy and grumpy at times. 30’s and older. He is Jesus right hand, assisting him on their mission on earth. Has no filter when it comes to express his feeling to Jesus or anyone else. (Supporting Role)

The Devil: Sneaky, sarcastic and manipulative. Actor must move well and use body to intimidate. He is mad at Peralta because not souls are going down to hell since Death is on hold. A Jim Carrey character actor type. (Supporting Role)

Studio Floor Manager: Upbeat, friendly and outgoing male or female actor. Key role as it has a lot of interaction with the live audience and he/she is responsible for a smooth transition in between scenes. The FM will make sure the audience maintains a high energy, excited and clapping during “commercial breaks” He/she is also the assistant to the Talk Show host. (Supporting Role)

There are also other secondary roles available.

“Fuego en Granada”.

This play is an homage to Federico Garcia Lorca and explores his thoughts and visions up to the moment of his death. The story is told from Lorca’s point of view and includes some of his poetry and scenes from a few of his plays.

Federico Garcia Lorca: (20’s – 30’s) A handsome dreamer. Troubled, a rebel towards society and its conservative morals. Emotionally open to express and discover himself. Must dance and/or move well (Lead Role)

Women: Two women to portray various roles and chorus during the play. Must dance and/or move well (Supporting Roles)

Men: Two men to portray various roles and chorus during the play. Must dance and/or move well (Supporting Roles)

In order to be considered, please send headshot and resume to
We will schedule a reading with the actors we are interested in.

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